Snow Headaches

For several years now when it is about to snow I get a terrible headache. I have learned to identify it with snow coming. The atmospheric pressure changes and the cold, warm, cold changes probably aggravate a headache. I am beginning to think it is an accurate way of knowing there will be a weather change.

Today I woke with a severe backache. I drank a bottle of water and had my oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar. We are almost out of sugar. I only use sugar for oatmeal any more, and really I should change to honey. I love the sugar though.

Snow headaches do not go away easily. They are there until I take a Tylenol. Soon the snow comes. This is the truth and I am signing out now. I don’t have a snow headache today, but snow should be coming in Sunday night and Monday morning. I love the snow, and look forward to another quiet morning. Smile.


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